Joomla vs. Drupal vs. WordPress – Good C

Joomla vs. Drupal vs. WordPress – Good Comparison

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Apple announces iPhone 4S, iOS 5, iClound, and Siri

Today Apple iPhone event was held without Steve Job’s presence due to his health conditions. Apple announces many new things with respect to iPhone 4S, iOS 5, iCloud, iMessage, new iPods, and Siri.

iPhone 4S:

Finally, Apple have an iPhone that is a world phone and offers both GSM and CDMA. Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint now will have it ready as well.

You can watch the iPhone 4S video here:

The price comparison is as follow. It is almost the same, except they dropped the price on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

iPhone 4STo see more details visit:

What is Siri:

In my views, Siri is a neat AI (Artificial Intelligence) invention from Apple. As mentioned in the event, “Siri is your humble personal assistant” :). I guess this is now the solution for all the drivers who drives and talk. No more typing for text messaging, you say it, it will type for you. I have to try it to believe it how good it would be translating my foreign accent:

To learn more about Siri:

iOS 5: 

iOS 5 is the most awaited update after the OS X Lion update from Apple. It has many neat feature to get best out of your mobile devices, over 200 new features:

To learn more about it:

iCloud: (excerpt from

iCloud is the easiest way to manage all your stuff, because it manages it all for you. iCloud stores your music, photos, apps, mail, contacts, calendars, documents, and more. And wirelessly pushes them to all your devices. It’s automatic, effortless, and seamless. And it just works.
Learn more about iCloud

The iCloud video is here:


Overall, many new software and hardware performance related features. However, little disappointment to me that instead of iPhone 5, it is iPhone 4S and just software and performance features. I guess, after iPad 2 and Steve Job retirement, it had been already a busy year for Apple.

Now, it is time for me to move into iPhone arena and get my first iPhone. Not to confuse my readers, I converted being an Apple person couple of years ago, got my first iPad on very first day, mac book pro, iPod etc. I was waiting to have iPhone come to Sprint.

For me, I will be waiting to see iPad 3 come next year. However, looks like Amazon Kindle Fire is going to give a good competition to Apple this holiday season. I am sure going to get on Kindle Fire for me, especially when it is only $199.

Feel free to share you thoughts on today’s announcement under comments section below.


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CRM Makaan Post – How to enable SQL & PeopleCode TRACE for Application Engine (AE) via PeopleSoft PIA

Please see my latest post on CRM Makaan!

How to enable SQL & PeopleCode TRACE for Application Engine (AE) via PeopleSoft PIA:

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OSX on Windows, Learning Objective C and iOS Mobile Development

Early this week, I attended two great sessions by Nerdery ( on iOS mobile development. The two sessions introduced basic iPhone development concept and some advance topics like memory management etc. I would highly recommend their presentation (once they upload it on their blog). You can subscribe to their blog to get the updates:

To download the sample code “Hello World”, please visit the following github link:


Following were the couple of books recommended by the presenter. The books are for those who are interested to learn Objective C and develop iPhone, iPod, or iPad applications.

Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK

– You can find this book on some of the following online store/websites:

Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (2nd Edition) [Paperback]

– You can find this book on some of the following online store/websites:

Last but not least, Apple Developers Documentation is best resource as well.


I also found following YouTube channel that seems to have many videos around learning different language, including learning ObjectiveC.

User: livelessons

For all my friends who do not own a Mac Computer and eager to work on iOS development, you can follow the article on lifehacker that explains how to run OSX on windows virtual box:



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Google Chrome O.S. & Chrome Web Store wonders

I have been always fan of Google and it’s offering. Their products and innovations motivate me to do something my own as well. Yesterday Google launched their Chrome Web Store, which is, I believe, the start of a new revolution for web applications and blessing for web developers. I have been long waiting for the beta program to get the first insight into it.

Today, just tried few applications on chrome web store and the idea looks good. However, I am not very sure how the entire O.S. web based or living in the browser will play among end users. There are many existing web based O.S. already where they provide you everything in a browser including office and many rich text apps. For example: Top 5 Web O.S. list by Desitech

Following is my brief overview of Google Chrome O.S. and Web Store:

To access Chrome Web Store visit the URL:

The Chrome Web Store where you can browse different applications and install it either on Desktop or your mobile devices running Android. The web store looks like the following:

Google Chrome Web Store

After adding few apps, you will notice that your chrome browser home page will look like the following:

Kashif's Google Chrome Home Page

You will find most of the apps free. Though, there are paid apps as well. Google checkout is used for billing and buying the apps to make life easier. The good thing is that Google aim to make the store as non-profit. One thing that I didn’t like is that some of the applications look like a web short cut to main website for example: etc.

Along with Chrome Web Store announcement, Google TestBed CR-48 Chrome O.S. based netbook is coming soon around mid 2011.

If you want to be part beta pilot testing of Chrome O.S., you can sign up for Chrome CR-42 Pilot testing and get a free netbook with ChromeOS for participation.

To Sign up go to

You can select your role and fill up a short form to apply for pilot program, I did J I will be now waiting to see if I get selected for beta testing, if yes, then will update you all with my reviews.

Have fun!!

Kashif Ahmed (Kashi)

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Facebook “Message That Matter” Vs. Google Gmail/Wave

Well, here is another initiative by Facebook, innovating the way we communicate each other. Facebook has announce today how their concept of “a Person and a Message” have led them to “new Message” framework development.

Sounds like now every facebook user can have email address. It’s not an email alternative, but a new way to organize your communications among friends and networks. Look at the following video to view the details.

Would this be new Gmail Killer?

— I don’t think so. If it is not the eMail alternative then I don’t think it can replace emails or get into corporate environment.

We have seen Google Wave initiative failed already, so I am not sure how Facebook new Message will survive. Google also introduced “GMail Priority Mailbox”  recently, which I personally like, but haven’t seen lots of value of it yet. I guess, I need to give it more time to collect data on what is more important to me and what is not.

Finally, regardless of Facebook or Google, my concerns about privacy and data mining always disturb me, though the companies says they do not do data mining (I don’t believe it).

For Example:

With GMail Priority email, now Google knows who I talk more, how often, and what. With Facebook new Message, they knows who is my friend, what medium I use to communicate with them the most (e.g. chat, sms, message etc).

The only thing that scares me is, all my data is residing on their server, and God knows what is happening on that data and who has access to that. We are living in the world on Information Technology, where if you have online presence then nothing is private about you.

— Let’s see what else to come next … I would love to hear others thoughts on this…

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Attending WordCampMSP event

I am attending WordCampMSP ( event @ Eden Prairie, MN.

2010 WordCamp Minneapolis and St. Paul Attendee


I will be posting my experience, as I go through the conference today! looking forward to the sessions today and learn more about WordPress.

Check my tweets at #KashifAhmed


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CRMBlogPost: Managing Communication Plans Using Task Management

Another good post from a friend on CRMakaan Blog.

Managing Communication Plans Using Task Management :Students and Customers:

In my earlier post, we discussed the CRM task management functionality for appointment requests and marketing event-related tasks. In this post, we will look into managing communication plans for prospective students and customers.

The term “communication plans” refers to the various ways information is gathered, stored, and distributed during the course of a project or business process. The plans below are examples of the “on-boarding process,” which consist of some of the tasks that are performed in steps, when sending information to new prospects.

Read More …

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My CRM Blog Post: Treats for Software Implementation & Development

Treats for Software Implementations & Development –

Configuration over Customization and Modification: Design and Approach

Hello Everyone! Ref:

Last week, my dear friend and good colleague, Girish Prabhu, shared the scares of software implementation. Today, I would like to share the treats that will help you to deal with those scares effectively.

To read more click here!


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Wrigley’s Gum – Halal or Not

Nice Article about the facts on Wrigley’s products:

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